awesome April Fool’s Day prank!

X-Men Days of Future Past trailer 2

this movie looks pretty freakin’ awesome

magic tricks on dogs is so cute and hilarious

Happy Spring Everyone!

the first trailer for Mazerunner!

looks awesome!

y’all need to listen to this version of Relentless by HIllsong United

(Source: Spotify)

an amazing short by the Jubilee Project featuring Ki Hong Lee!

If the theories behind this article are true, then the people at Pixar have some crazy foresight to build everything into the first movie without knowing if a second movie was going to happening. They also showed an immense amount of self-control to not make this a plot point in the story.

I am just amazed at this and it makes me just want to watch all three Toy Story movies again.

this is how the magicians at Weta Digital turned Benedict Cumberbatch into Smaug

we’re coming to a point where humans are really pushing the limits of what the human body can accomplish.

this is just one example of the amazing things that people can do

Damien Walters runs a Loop the Loop


can you name all the movies referenced in this cute cinematic timeline created by Peir Paolo?

i still haven’t watched this movie yet… i really need to

a great look into the life of Steve Nash as he fights for his career near the end…

The Finish Line: Episode 1

James Avery passed away today

he was also known as ‘Uncle Phil’ on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

rest in peace